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Hundreds of schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions have already taken advantage of the time-tested knowledge of Maharishi Vastu, architecture in accord with total Natural Law. Buildings designed and constructed according to Maharishi Vastu architecture are not only fortune-creating — they bring an invisible, yet undeniable influence of happiness, good health, increased ability to focus, intelligence and creativity and success to students and faculty.

One example is Maharishi University of Management, USA that is reconstructing its entire campus to have only buildings facing true east, the first principle of Maharisi Vastu. By now the large majority of the previously existing buildings have been replaced but new ones that are 100% according to Vastu Vidya of Maharishi Sthapatya Veda. Now the university is pioneering to merge Vastu principles with the higest level green and sustainable principles, as is demonstrated in its latest building, the Sustainable Living Center Some examples from other countries are a school in Melburne, Australia , a sports center in England , MCEE in Bhopal, India as well as over 200 schools and colleges all over India (e.g. , http://www.maharishiinstituteofmanage… ), a college in Thailand, MERU Holland, and educational facilities in other countries such as Japan, and different states in the USA.