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DeAnna Radaj: Can you use Vastu and Feng Shui together? Say people are listening and they are like Jon and DeAnna are absolutely fabulous and I want to incorporate Feng Shui and Vastu in my home and I’m going to be doubly blessed. What is your response to that?

Jon Lipman: Well, I’ve been asked to do it once and it was very very successful. I don’t know whether it would be successful with every school of Feng Shui because there might be some where there are diametrically apposed principles. If we understand that one direction is good for something and you understand it is good for something else we might have conflict.

But I’ll tell you an interesting story, two and a half years ago I was sent to China, to Beijing, and I was asked to design and master plan a college, a school, to train traditional Tibetan and Chinese physicians. My clients were the head physician professor and a developer and they are living in China and followers of Feng Shui and they have a Feng Shui master and so all of the word that I had to do had to be agreed upon by their Feng Shui master and it was a really interesting experience. And all I can say is that in this particular case we didn’t have a problem and our two disciplines fit together like a glove and a hand, so the one time it has been tried it was completely successful.