Maharishi Mahesh Yogi will always be widely regarded as the foremost scientist in the field of consciousness, and the greatest teacher in our time.

Maharishi’s Achievements

Maharishi’s achievements are profound in the field of knowledge and immense in the field of action. During the past 50 years, more than six million people have learned his Transcendental Meditation technique and are rising to enlightenment through their twice-daily practice.

Maharishi has trained over 40,000 teachers, opened thousands of teaching centers, and founded hundreds of schools, colleges and universities.

Maharishi’s Vedic Science

After introducing the ancient technique of Transcendental Meditation to the world over 50 years ago, Maharishi also brought to light that the Veda is the total knowledge of life, the laws of nature in their most fundamental state, the Constitution of the Universe. And he completely restored the scattered Vedic literature, including Ayurveda, Sthapatya Veda etc. Therefore these terms are often used with Maharishis name to indicate the revived, complete knowledge of this area: Maharishi Ayurveda, Maharishi Sthapatya Veda® or Maharishi Vastu®.

Maharishi Vedic Science programs, which unfold the full potential of Natural Law in human consciousness as the basis of improving all areas of life, are being applied in private businesses, public institutions and homes in every country.

Maharishi describes his experience of living in Vastu

‘I am living in the Sthapatya Veda building, and what I feel is that the walls of the house, they don’t produce a cage for me. I don’t feel I’m living inside the walls. The walls are as transparent as is the meaning of “cosmic living”—cosmic living. Cosmic living—you don’t feel you are cramped by the walls.’

‘I am living within the walls, but the walls are transparent for me. That’s the experience.’

‘Such freedom, such abundance, such enormous authority over space and time, such a reality of living in cosmic magnitude—this is living in Vastu buildings.’

‘We cannot describe what is indescribable, and what is indescribable is the benefits of Vastu structured buildings, Sthapatya Veda buildings.’

‘A new world will be lived in by the same people. And what they will be? They will never be sick, they will never be shrouded with small things. There will be peace unbounded, prosperity unlimited, coherence unimaginable. This is Vastu living.’

‘You have a choice. You can have your cosmic potential a living reality if you live in a proper house. Or if you continue to live in bad fortune—choice is yours.’ —Maharishi, 17 May 2007