Beautiful video showing that hundreds of schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions have already taken advanted of the time-tested knowledge of Maharishi Vastu, architecture in accord with total Natural Law.

There are some school, college or university buildings that students like to go to more than others. And it’s not just about what is being taught there and by whom, but a lot of it is about the building itself: the design of the building, the building materials, and often we sense that there is more, that we feel but can’t explain.

This overall influence of the building can be easily understood through Maharishi Vastu, architectural principles in harmony with total Natural Law. These principles describe the unseen but felt effect that a building has based on it’s orientation, the placement of rooms, measurements and proportions etc.

And you would think teenagers and young adults would have other priorities than to notice this, but you would be surprised if you asked those who have had the good luck to study in Maharishi Vastu buildings. They usually have quite strong opinions on these buildings and their experiences are delightfully positive.

Read some of their experiences at the “Life in Maharishi Vastu” blog.

Another experience we would like to quote from the “At Home in Maharishi Vastu” newsletter where two teenagers answer the question:

Do you notice any difference between a Maharishi Vastu house and a non-Vastu building?

“Oh yeah! When I’m in a Vastu building I feel orderly and have a complete layout of my surroundings. I feel settled and calm. When I’m in non-Vastu it feels more chaotic. It’s a bit like standing in the middle of a busy street as opposed to a quiet forest. Strangely, non-Vastu also manages to feel more closed up, and I get much more hyper.

“When I go into a Vastu house I immediately feel like my mind is clearer. I can find everything much better as well as being able to study better. In non-Vastu houses I never seem to get rest, during the day or night.”
—15 and 12 years old teenagers from Holland

So if you as a student, or parent, or educator want to make a difference in the quality of education, you should definitely consider following the examples that you can see in this video. No one would ever regret having Maharishi Vastu buildings on their campus, because who would not want more happiness, better health, the ability to focus more clearly, increased intelligence and creativity, good fortune and success.