Maharishi explains from where this knowledge of Vastu comes:

This knowledge comes from how the earth has to be laid out, so that the enormous body of water does not fall down, while the earth moves around. Galaxies move around and don’t fall down. So the structure of the galaxies, the structure of each area of cosmic life has been designed and is being administered all the time though some specific laws. Those laws we call the constitution of the universe, and that we have found them in the transcendental, omnipresent field of life, the Unified Field of all the laws of nature.

This is the origin of Vastu — the fundamental, ancient, uncreated laws of nature that create and uphold everything in the universe.

So we have found a basic ground for everyone to be in bliss, by living in accord with the laws of nature. But life is one’s own, whether one delightfully lives in accord with Natural Law, or you have the freedom, you can refuse to live in harmony with Natural Law and bear the consequences of that.

We have the knowledge and are prepared to give out the knowledge for everyone to enjoy.