Small, smart and beautiful Maharishi Vastu home.

The Smart house:

Jon Lipman, director of Fortune Creating Buildings (USA) takes us on a video tour of this small but beautiful Maharishi Vastu home.

This is a wonderful example and inspiration for anyone who would love to have their own Vastu, but may feel that they cannot afford to build a large house.

This small, 880 square foot (82 sqm), but very efficient home has all the comforts and elements of a much larger space due to the coherence of the Maharishi Vedic design.  A loft was added to make a private sleeping area and 2 annex’ added on the north and south sides of the house serve as an artist studio and sleeping porch respectively.

On top of that, all the power required in the house is generated by solar panels and wind turbines. It’s structure is super insulated with thick walls and good windows. It is located in Abundance EcoVillage, a green, sustainable Maharishi Vastu development in Iowa, USA.

We also hear practical experiences of living in Maharishi Vastu Architecture, which is connecting not just the individual and its environment, but even individual life with cosmic life.

Every design feature of Maharishi Vastu creates wholeness.