Everything in nature has specific, harmonious proportions, including the human physiology, and if something is “out of proportion” there is usually a problem. Proportion is a key to successful design in nature and the same is true in Maharishi Vastu Architecture.

In Maharishi Vastu or Maharishi Sthapatya Veda, Vedic measurements and proportion of the building are based on ancient cosmic formulas, taking into account the near and distant environment, including the relationship of the house with the sun, moon, planets, and stars to ensure a perfect resonance between the cosmic structures and all components of the house. Thereby the connection of our individual intelligence to Cosmic Intelligence is strengthened.

When a Maharishi Vastu house is designed, the dimensions of the building are calculated using these ancient mathematical formulas. This is a very subtle influence, you could say, but very real. The proof is the experience of thousands of Maharishi Vastu home owners, who report that their home becomes a Fortune-Creating home that literally brings good luck, good health, harmony in relationships and makes friends and visitors want to stay. It simply makes you feel so at home and at peace with yourself.