DeAnna Radaj: I tried doing some research into this so I wouldn’t sound completely ignorant on this topic. Would you say the Vedas would correspond to the life areas of Feng Shui? You know there are the nine life areas in Feng Shui on the bagua board; would you say the Vedas correspond with that if we are trying to compare the two?

Jon Lipman: Well I think there are very strong comparisons to make. I would make a little different one. I will give you a ten second primer on what we understand the Vedas to be and then I will try to give you a direct answer to your question. We translate the word Veda as total knowledge. And so what we understand is that the Vedas are all the information that lays at the basis of creation, kind of the blue prints of nature, the constitution of everything in the universe. And if we can access all of that knowledge, that total knowledge that’s perfectly balanced and in harmony, then applying that in our lives is only a good thing. But there are many specific applications of pieces of not only Veda, but the Vedic literature which is the sequential unfolding out of the original four Vedas. And when we get to something like the bagua then we are getting into some quite specifics. Within Vedic architecture or Vastu we do have something that is comparable to the bagua in that we understand that where you place different functions inside of a house will bring greater or lesser success to those functions. I think that is a very similar function as to the bagua. What we understand is that when the sun passes overhead from east to west it has different qualities of energy over the course of the day and the sun is the most powerful influence of natural law on the surface of the earth. So these differing qualities of the sun’s energy have major impacts on our lives and so we will place different functions inside of a house with respect to the appropriate differing qualities of the sun. For example, we may put a living room on the west central because that’s a location where perhaps conviviality will be most enhanced. We will put the dining room where digestion will be strengthened. We will put a study where your mind is clear and focused. And so I think there are some real parallels there.