At the 2009 Aspen Environment Forum, in Aspen, Colorado, Jeffrey S. Abramson was among the group of invited experts. He provided glimpses into the future when discussing Vedic Architectural principals and how they help owners go beyond green, into scientific principles of orientation, placement, and proportion to engineer a building to enhance the success and productivity of its occupants.

He pointed out that our cities have to go beyond just economical, ecological and environmental balance. What we are searching for is a city that has no crime, no poverty, where we create health, and don’t create misfortune; we raise the educational outcome. Also, is it possible that our city of the future could make us more creative, more successful? Could it bring us good fortune, make our thinking unrestricted, and maybe even enhance spiritual fulfillment? Can we harness Nature’s Intelligence within the build environment? Is it possible and do we want it?

Vedic Architecture or Vastu was restored by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who also introduced Transcendental Meditation on the basis of published science. Vedic Architecture connects individual life with Cosmic Life. It connects individuals with Nature’s Intelligence which governs the entire universe with perfect order.

A Vedic building is experiential — your experience is the proof! The building becomes an investment in human capital. It’s an accelerator of human potential. It becomes a return on rent.