Video documenting the construction of the Vastu fence at the Maharishi Peace Palace in Erfurt, Germany. Marking the Vastu site is an essential element in Vedic Architecture.

This video documents the construction of the Vastu fence at the Maharishi Peace Palace in Erfurt Germany.

In its grandest sense “Vastu” (pronounced Vaastu, with a long “a”) is defined as the isolated value of intelligence in which the Cosmic value is lively. So an ideal Vastu building, built in harmony with the structuring dynamics of the universe, is an individual structure in which the Cosmic structure, Cosmic Intelligence is lively. Maharishi Vastu or Vastu Vidya of Maharishi Sthapatya Veda is the total knowledge and technology of establishing structures in harmony with Natural Law, as contained in the Vedic litterature and revived in our time by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

In its specific sense Vastu means the properly oriented, marked square or rectangular building area on which the house is placed in an auspicious position.

Marking the Vastu area with a fence or wall is an essential element in Maharishi Vastu architecture.

In several incidences it has been reported, that a Maharishi Vastu building has been protected from natural disasters such as forest fire or hurricanes. The line of protection has always been the Vastu demarcation.

Wildfire in Hararit, Israel, September 2008

The area around our home is surrounded by trees about 10-13 feet high.

In September 2008 the weather was very hot with a strong, dry eastern wind. In the morning hours a fire started 650 feet east of the village that moved very quickly towards our house and other homes. It was pushed by the east wind, fiercely burning all the trees in its way. The height of the flames was 20-22 feet high.

When the fire came near we had to evacuate the house, and we stood at some distance to see what would happen. The fire reached the house. The flames were high, and the smoke enveloped the house entirely. It was impossible to see what happened.

After several hours when the fire was out, we returned home and saw something that left us stunned. While four other houses were damaged (our neighbor’s house to the south had $300,000 worth of damage), in our case, the fire did not go over the Vastu fence, but instead it went around it. We would like to stress that our Vastu fence is made of wood.

When we examined the ground after the fire subsided we saw that the fire divided in two 20 feet before it reached the eastern fence. One half went to the northeastern corner while the other part went to the southeastern corner.

In the northeastern corner, the fire devoured a tree 16 feet high that stood one and a half feet from the fence, without touching the fence, and then it went on to the next tree. A big, plastic storage structure that stood a foot and a half from the fence was burnt entirely, and again the wood fence was not burnt. In the southeastern corner the fire burnt a tree and then proceeded along the side of the fence, not going over it.

Dorit and Micky Goldshmit, Hararit, Israel, October 2007

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