Come and dream along with us as you watch this brand new “Classic Series” of Maharishi Vastu homes.

In this series all the homes have the beauty and symmetry of a classical mansion, whether they are tiny or grand in size. The renderings are set in beautiful natural landscapes, breathtaking scenery or inspiring gardens that seem to make even the birds sing in the background.

All homes are fully designed and available to be built in a variety of finishes and exterior materials to suit your climate, needs and tastes. And never forget these are not just dream houses to admire, but actually make all your daily activities more enjoyable and nourishing when you live in one. Working, playing, socializing, sleeping or dreaming, all are enjoyed to the fullest in a Fortune-Creating home built according to the most ancient, time-tested principles of Maharishi Vastu – architecture in harmony with nature.

To make your dreams come true, simply contact us at the email displayed at the end of the presentation; …yes, this certainly is an enjoyable and inspiring video to watch again and again and share with our friends. Soon we will have photos of completed Fortune-Creating dream homes to show you and your friends.  Maybe one of those photos will be of your home!