DeAnna Radaj: I know that in Feng Shui there are three schools of thought. Are there other schools in Vastu, and if so how many?

Jon Lipman: Well, I know that there are different family lineages which have preserved the knowledge of Vastu in different parts of India and I know some of the names in the different families, but I don’t know of any scholarly treatment that has examined the different lineages as different schools.
Maharishi Vastu architecture connects individual intelligence with Cosmic Intelligence, bringing nourishing influences to your home, your workplace, or your entire community.

The knowledge of Vedic architecture — or Maharishi Vastu or Sthapatya Veda — was restored to its completeness by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Over $400,000,000 in Fortune-Creating homes and other buildings, and a score of communities, have been built worldwide using the harmonizing principles of this eternal science based in natural law.